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nortel t7208 digital telephone

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Nortel t7208 Digital Phone Part numbers ?



What is Nortel t7208 Digital Phone ?

nortel bt norstar t7208 phone buisness

The Nortel t7208 phone is able to handle 8 lines with programmable keys, provides easy access to reduce or increase call volume at will.
LCD display informs the user of caller name, date, and time.
It’s Compatible with Norstar and Business Communication Manager Systems, built-in phone book is able to store up to 100 individual contacts.
The hands-free speakerphone allows you to perform other tasks while talking with clients on the line.

Nortel t7208 Digital Phone Features

  • Supports up to 6 lines
  • 1 line x 16-character LCD window
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Handsfree operation
  • Will not work on a Nortel 308 system
  • Feature access button
  • Hold buton
  • Release button
  • Will not work on a 616 or 824 system unless it has a software revision DR 5 or higher
  • 8 programmable memory buttons with LCD indicator
  • Speakerphone
  • Headset jack
  • Wall mountable

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List of handsets associated to the Nortel t7208 ip Phone

nortel t7208 sell phone system

Telephones that may come together with Nortel t7208

Nt8b29aab Nortel T24 Charcoal Key Module
Nt8b29 Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module
Nt8b24aaw Nortel T7000 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nt8b24aaw Nortel T7000 Digital Telephone Platinium
Nt8b25aaw Nortel T7100 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nt8b25aaw Nortel T7100 Digital Telephone Platinium
Nt8b27aaba Nortel T7316 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nt8b27jb Nortel T7316e Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nt8b27jw Nortel T7316e Digital Telephone Platinium

Ntys08aae6 Nortel 1100 Expansion Module
Ntys02aae6 Nortel 1110 Ip Telepphone Icon
Ntys03bee6 Nortel 1120e Ip Telephone Eng Keys
Ntys03aee6 Nortel 1120e Ip Telepphone Icon
Ntys05bee6 Nortel 1140e Ip Telephone Eng Keys
Ntys05aee6 Nortel 1140e Ip Telephone Icon
Ntys18aa70e6 Nortel 1150e Ip Telephone Icon
Ntys07bbe6 Nortel 1165e Ip Telephone Icon
Ntys18aa70e6 Nortel 1210 Ip Telephone Icon
Ntys19ab70e6 Nortel 1220 Ip Telephone Icon
Ntys20aa70e6 Nortel 1230 Ip Telephone Icon
2201-06692-601 Nortel 2033 Ip Conference Phone
2201-06690-601 Nortel 2033 Ip Conference Phone

Ntdu92 Nortel I2002 Ip Telephone Black, Silver Bezel
Ntdu76 Nortel I2002 Ip Telephone Charcoal
Ntdu91 Nortel I2002 Ip Telephone Silver Bezel
Ntdu82 Nortel I2004 Ip Telephone Charcoal
Ntdu92 Nortel I2004 Ip Telephone Silver Bezel
Ntdu96 Nortel I2007 Ip Telephone Touch Screen

Nt9k16aa Nortel M2616 Digital Phone Platinum
Nt2k16 Nortel M2616d Digital Phone Platinium
Ntdl00za70 Nortel M3022 Add On Module Black
Ntdl00za93 Nortel M3022 Add On Module Light Grey
Ntdl01be70 Nortel M3110 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Ntdl02bc70 Nortel M3310 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Ntdl02bc93 Nortel M3310 Digital Telephone Light Grey
Ntdl03bc70 Nortel M3820 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Ntdl03bc93 Nortel M3820 Digital Telephone Light Grey
Ntmn68ba70 Nortel M3900 Analog Terminal Adapter (Ata)
Ntng31ea70 Nortel M3901 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Ntmn32bc70 Nortel M3902 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Ntmn32bc93 Nortel M3902 Digital Telephone Light Grey
Ntmn33ja70 Nortel M3903 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Ntmn33ja93 Nortel M3903 Digital Telephone Light Grey
Ntmn34ge70 Nortel M3904 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Ntmn34ge93 Nortel M3904 Digital Telephone Light Grey
Ntmn35ja70 Nortel M3905 Digital Telephone Charcoal, Turret
Ntkj02aa70 Nortel M6310 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nt8b15aa93 Nortel M7000 Digital Telephone Dolphin Grey
Nt8b15aa35 Nortel M7100 Digital Telephone Chameleon Grey
Nt8b15aa03 Nortel M7100 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nta800aa93 Nortel M7100n Digital Telephone Dolphin Grey
Nt8b32aa35 Nortel M7208 Digital Telephone Chameleon Grey
Nt8b32aa70 Nortel M7208 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nt8b32aa93 Nortel M7208 Digital Telephone Dolphin Grey
Nta801aa93 Nortel M7208n Digital Telephone Dolphin Grey
Nt8b22aa35 Nortel M7310 Digital Telephone Chameleon Grey
Nt8b22aa03 Nortel M7310 Digital Telephone Charcoal
Nta802aa93 Nortel M7310n Digital Telephone Dolphin Grey
Nt8b42aa03 Nortel M7324 Digital Telephone Charcoal

Phone systems that may come together with Nortel t7208

Nt7b10aa Nortel Bcm 1000e Telephone System
Nt7b10aafg Nortel Bcm 200 Telephone System
Nt7b10aafe Nortel Bcm 400 Telephone System
Nt7b14aaa Nortel Bcm 450 Telephone System
Nt9t6412e5 Nortel Bcm 50 Expansion Unit
Nt9t4001e6 Nortel Bcm 50 Power Supply Wall Mount Bracket
Nt9t6512e5 Nortel Bcm 50 Telephone System
Nt9t6211e5 Nortel Bcm 50a Telephone System
Nt9t6511e5 Nortel Bcm 50b Telephone System
Nt9t6502e5 Nortel Bcm 50e Telephone System